About Department of Sociology

The Department of Sociology took off alongside the first set of courses in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in 2011.  The department prides itself upon the label     ‘’the queen of the sciences‘’. This derived from the realization that there is sociology in all human endeavors, ranging from biology to medicine, engineering, theatre and economics, to mention a few.

The department has a range of specializations including, medical, anthropology, development, deviance and criminology, technology, scientific toughts, research methodology, and a host of others.

As an arm of the university established for the production of human resource, the department currently trains undergraduates for the  B.sc (Sociology) programme. Envisaged future expansion will be in the area of B.sc (Industrial Relations and Personnel Management); B.sc (Social Works) and post-graduate programmes in all the areas.

This handbook captures information required for the academic wellbeing of students in the Department, such has the history, philosophy, aim and objectives, regulations on admission, registration, examination and graduation, to mention a few. It is hoped that  the  students  will  be  properly  guided  by  the  contents  of  the  handbook.  I commend this handbook to our students and other persons who may find it useful.

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